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      Name:     Omould    

      Position:        a mold manufacturer

      Year old:        since 2008

      Cover area:    5000 square meters cover area

      Main Job:       make mold for automobile,packaging,power tools,home appliances,houseware,office equipment, light&ceiling and Toys.

      Main mold:      injection mold, plastic mold,double-color mold,over mold,multi-cavity mold

      Capacity:        Delivery before T3
                             49 sets equipment
                              2 sets CMM
                              5 sets injection machine
                              1 professional team

                              1 best sulution
                              1 competitive price

                              1 pre-sales and after-sales service 

      Omould specialize in the research , manufacture and sale of auto mould(car light,  rearview mirror, door and bumper), cosmetic moulds(packaging box and packaging bottle), medical equipment mould(needle tubing, medical linker, Blood pressure meter and thermometer), double color mould(Scanning gun, razors, rice cooker, washing machine) and multi cavity mould( 16 cavities, 32 cavities, 48 cavities, 64 cavities and 128 cavities).
      And provide the secondary processing and Injection.
      All customers are from Germany, Japan, France, America and more than 50 countries and regions.
      ISO9001、TS16949、ISO14001 system certification to supervise the quality
      An ERP system is integrate the internal and external resources, improve the production efficiency to achieve maximum benefit and enhance the core competitiveness.
      With comprehensive and state of the art manufacturing facilities, Omould provides highly efficient and cost effective manufacturing solutions to customer’s exacting demands for reduced lead times, competitive costs and reliable supply.
      In Omould,a unique, fully inclusive, mould design, qualification, execution, manufacturing and after sales support proposition will be provide to the all customers.

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